Sunday, September 18, 2016

Rooting for Change with Green Crusaders - WHAT?

Project Objectives: 
Students will develop the six transversal core skills - critical thinking & problem solving, creativity & imagination, student leadership & personal development, global citizenship using digital literacy, communication & collaboration while addressing United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

This project will help students learn to: 
  1. Investigate the world
  2. Weigh perspectives
  3. Communicate ideas
  4. Take action
Project Short Description: 
Project aims to address current environmental crises by sensitizing students towards sustainable often lost ingenious/traditional knowledge, reviewing current situation (how green your school really is?), adapting & adopting indigenous techniques from cultures across the world towards sustainable living at school, home & community level. 

Project Full Description: 
  1. Explore the relationship between different cultures & environment through fables/traditional stories/religious texts. (For example - Stories from Mahaguru Chanakya in Sanskrit)
  2. Conduct research on identifying local communities practicing sustainable living with small carbon footprint 
  3. Identify good practices followed by indigenous communities 
  4. Conduct an audit to find how green our schools really are(air quality, energy-water consumption, waste segregation-waste disposal, green cover). Our SchoolClick for form here
  5. Establish a relationship between current practices & loss of habitat 
  6. Share traditional/indigenous knowledge that can be adapted to address current environmental crises with peers across the globe 
  7. Select & adopt workable solutions towards a greener environment & sustainable living at school, home & community level (For example - Afforestation Drive, Eco Ganesha, Project Tiger, Veggie World, Kitchen Garden)
  8. Compile & scaffold learning by sharing stories & reflections (successes & failures) with peers 
  9. Analyze environmental problems common across geographies & make recommendations for corrective action, seek support of students from legal studies department in home school & start an online petition on
Standards Addressed in This Project: 
6 core skills -
  1. Digital literacy
  2. Critical thinking and problem solving
  3. Creativity and imagination
  4. Student leadership
  5. Collaboration and communication
  6. Citizenship
Primary Language(s): 
English as primary language, but open to collaboration with non-native speakers, especially those with Spanish, German, French as their primary language. Being an international collaboration, the students can use the opportunity to hone their English speaking skills. Schools are free to address the language issue with what works best for them.

Project Grade Level or Grade Levels: Grades 1-12

Subject Areas Addressed in This Project: English and Language Arts, World Languages, Mathematics, Science, History and Social Studies, ICT

Project Platform: Google

Digitals Tools Used in This Project: Google apps for education (maps, slides, docs, forms, youtube, hangouts, picasa, blogger, sites), Thinglink etc.

Project Concluding Activity or Product: 
  1. A world map (Thinglink) showcasing reflective journeys(in form of videos/slides) of different schools
  2. Collective online petition on to address recommendations towards sustainable living
Project Start Date: Oct 1, 2016
Project End Date: Jan 20, 2017

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